The Invisible College and Reimagining Symposium

  Trying out some new looks

Trying out some new looks

Plato's Symposium is the original problematic fave.

It's a great work of philosophy. It's also the source of the idea that we are all broken and miserable unless we find and attach ourselves to our "other half." Plus there are literally no women allowed in the room while the discussion takes place.

Historical pataphysicist Carla Nappi and I co-taught Plato's Symposium for a couple of years, and discovered we had a lot of feelings about it that we needed to deal with. So we undertook a creative project: to rewrite--or more accurately reimagine--the Symposium, reworking the text as it was handed down to us, looking to explore its silences and the ways we find ourselves troubled by its influence.

The first publications from the project are now available!

In this month's Philosophers Magazine you can read Prof. Nappi's rewrite of The Speech of Phaedrus, my poem Before Aristophanes, and a short conversation between the two of us where we talk about where the project is coming from.

If you don't have a copy of the Philosophers Magazine you can find the pdf of our section (shared with permission) over at The Invisible College, where we'll also be sharing future developments.

We'd love to hear reactions or questions about the project. If you are curious about it or have thoughts to share, feel free to contact us here.

Ends And Beginnings

The project podcast, Labels of Love, rounds out its first season this week with Episode 10: Curation.

And as that one enterprise ends, a new creative project gets underway with Project Collaborator Carla Nappi, Canada Research Chair in Historical Pataphysics at UBC. (What does "Historical Pataphysics" mean? Find out here.) Prof. Nappi and I are working on a re-imagining of Plato's Symposium. Watch this space for more in the new year.

Podcast and December Events

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving from the Metaphysics of Love Project!

Photo by Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa

The project podcast, Labels Of Love, is now half way through its first season run of ten episodes. The five episodes currently available look at Love-Crafting, Love Stories, Weddings, Consent, and Love Poetry. We're taking a brief hiatus this week and will be back with five more episodes from October 17th (starting with Money).

Looking ahead, we have a very special workshop coming up on December 4th. In addition to a day of talks and readings, there will be a screening of Angela Fama's work What Is Love at the Fox Cabaret starting at 7pm, plus a live Q&A with the artist!

Both the talks and the evening event are open to the public. Entry is free but spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve a place at either or both, email: