Speech Training

And finally, here is our fifth selected poem, "Speech Training" by Maren Behrensen.

Maren Behrensen is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Centre for Applied Ethics at Linköping University, and has also guest blogged for the Metaphysics of Love Project in the past!

To recap, this is the full list of five poems we had the privilege of publishing on the blog during this experimental phase:

Quiddities (Rachael Briggs)
Valentine (Matt Robinson)
Bik Loves Bak and Bok (Matt Quinn)
A Coupling of Puma and Ooze (Rachael Briggs)
Speech Training (Maren Behrensen)

This little collection incorporates a surprisingly wide range of playful, dramatic, thought-experimental, and reflective content, as well as showcasing a variety of formal and free verse techniques. But the one thing the poems all have in common is that they responded beautifully to our request for poetry that makes us think something new about romantic love. We're calling this experiment a success.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who sent us poems to consider. We read a lot of thought-provoking material that we couldn't select this time around, and we are looking forward to more philosophical/poetic collaborations in the future!