Metaphysics of Love in Downtown Vancouver

Jasper Heaton and Aida Roige Mas discuss "union views" of love at the Railway Club.

On Friday evening, project members Aida and Jasper gave a fantastic public talk on the Metaphysics of Love at the Railway Club in downtown Vancouver.

The event was hosted by the Casal Català de Vancouver.

In semi-improvised dialogue format, Aida and Jasper introduced and critiqued various theories of what love is. Is love an emotion? A desire for union? A certain kind of robust concern? Problems were raised for each view, and a lively discussion with audience members followed.

Audience questions ranged across issues concerning passion, indifference, hate, and the significance of social recognition for romantic relationships. Brad Pitt also loomed large in the discussion.

Photos from the evening can be found here.

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