I've Got a Massive List

I'm currently working on some ideas for my upcoming talk at the University of Alberta. The main aim of this talk will be to get the metaphysics of love set up as a going concern, with a huge range of avenues worthy of exploration matching those more familiarly explored in connection with other areas of metaphysics: realisms, anti-realisms, reductionisms, nihilisms, primitivisms, contructionisms, pluralisms, quietisms, and all the other kinds of -isms that metaphysicians know and love. I'll explain how I think characteristically metaphysical questions about indeterminacy, fundamentality, naturalness and the like can be asked about love with potentially fascinating results.

But I probably won't actually answer any questions or defend any theories (other than the metaphilosophical ones mentioned in this post, that is). At this stage, I'll be happy if I can map out the terrain a bit.