Conference Tour Roundup

I'm recently returned from a series of three summer conferences, at all of which I gave talks on love-related themes.

First up was the Faces of Disagreement conference in Montreal, where I presented my paper-in-progress All Hearts In Love Use Their Own Tongues: Concepts, Merely Verbal Disputes, and Disagreeing About Love. My commentator Hichem Naar gave great comments, and really helped me pin down what I am trying to achieve in the paper.

Next was the Metaphysics after Carnap conference in Leeds, where I was able to present a new-and-improved version of the same paper. (NB: The written draft does not yet reflect all the changes I want to make after all the great conversations I had about this material in both Leeds and Montreal!)

Last but not least, I was honoured to be a keynote speaker at the Sixth Annual Graduate Epistemology Conference in Edinburgh, where I presented (for the first time to a live audience) my work on Knowing Our Own Hearts: Self-Reporting and the Science of Love.

I'm now back in Vancouver, getting my head around all the fantastic questions and feedback I received, while simultaneously recovering from jet lag and exhaustion. Travel is not my favourite thing; flying is worst of all, and although I was geographically efficient on this trip I did rack up three long flights and one nerve-wracking take-off through a stormy Montreal sky!