ABC, NPR, New York Magazine, and Some Upcoming Appearances

I'm doing a long stretch of interviews right now with various awesome podcasts (the picture is from this morning's interview, hence the sleepy face!) so stay tuned for those to roll out over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, here are a few recent media appearances:

  • ABC Nightline recently featured a segment on my life and work.
  • NPR blog 13.7 wonders if the current "cultural moment for polyamory" "may be because philosopher Carrie Jenkins published a book about it early this year"!
  • New York Magazine ran a feature on my work in The Cut.

And a few upcoming talks/readings:

  • I'll be at the Vancouver Public Library on Monday (March 27th).
  • I'm a keynote speaker at ConvergeCon, a big Vancouver conference on relationships, love, sexuality, and more, April 7th-9th.
  • On April 12th I'll be launching my book at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg.

For more events, see the full list on my website.

And for those of you who like staying in touch via email, I now have an email list to which you can subscribe from my home page!