Contest, Op Ed, Podcasts, and More

Want to win a free signed copy of my book? I'm running a snap giveaway, for the best comment on this Facebook thread by Friday noon (PST).

In other news (pun intended, #sorrynotsorry) I recently published this op ed in the Globe and Mail:
Dangerous minds: Societal fears revealed by off-script books
after my eye was caught by a American Libraries Association's top ten list of banned and challenged books for 2016.

If you prefer audio content, here are some of those podcast interviews I mentioned in a previous post, that have recently been released:
Grow Big Always Podcast
New Books Network Podcast
Multiamory Podcast (bonus video with this one, too)

Last but not least, a couple of new ways to interact with my work:
* My book now has its own Instagram feed
* I am running an email list, with sign-ups available from my home page.
Stay in touch!