I Mess Things Up (Potential Future Series!)

I'm very grateful to Raja Halwani for pointing out to me an attribution error in my paper 'Modal Monogamy'. At the start of section 5, I incorrectly attributed an unpublished manuscript to Alan Soble. Halwani informs me that Soble has confirmed this manuscript is not by him. (I don't yet know who the author is, but am trying to find out.)

My sincerest apologies to Soble. (No excuses, just apologies. I just messed up.)

I have contacted the journal (Ergo) to ask about publishing a correction. But I also wanted to blog about the error to draw attention to it, as journal corrections often go unnoticed.

This morning I'm also reflecting on how guilty and embarrassed I feel about doing this. Like many of us in academia (and other similarly-structured areas of life), I often feel like an imposter. I live with constant fear that something like this will be the final career-ending "reveal," the moment that finally and conclusively proves to the world that I am not what I pretend to be.

One of the really scary things here is how normal ("normal") I know that feeling is. This knife-edge we live on, waiting to be pushed off one way or the other, and the underlying belief that when this happens we will have had it coming ... I think that's something a lot of people experience. The cold-sweat moment of realizing I have, indeed, fucked something up, is a very condensed form of that fear that follows me everywhere all the time.