A two-day interdisciplinary workshop on the nature of romantic love, with readings, talks, and lots of time for discussion. Funded by a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

Monday 5th December

10:30-11 Arrival and welcome
11-12:30 Marina Adshade
12:30-2 Lunch (provided)
2-3:30 R.A. Briggs
3:30-3:45 Coffee
3:45-5:15 Carrie Jenkins (includes first screening of "Like The Blues" by Ray Hsu, Carrie Jenkins, and Swoon)
6-9:30 Ideas Lounge reception and podcast launch with Jelena Markovic
Buffet dinner provided
Cash bar available

Tuesday 6th December

11-12:30 Jasper Heaton
12:30-2 Lunch (provided) with Ray Hsu
2-3:30 Mandy Len Catron
3:30-3:45 Coffee
3:45-5:15 Rachel Rose


D324 Buchanan Building, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
The venue is wheelchair accessible.


Registration is now closed due to venue capacity.
For any enquiries, get in touch!