29-30 May 2014
GRSelona II, Barcelona (Carrie Jenkins)

2 June 2014
Café Philosophique, Aberdeen (Carrie Jenkins) | Photos

18 July 2014
Catalan Cultural Summer Conference, Vancouver (Jasper Heaton and Aida Roige Mas) | Photos

8 October 2014
Victoria University of Wellington (Carrie Jenkins)

16 October 2014
Philosophers' Jam, Vancouver (Jasper Heaton and Aida Roige Mas)

28 October 2014
University of Alberta (Carrie Jenkins)

28-31 January 2015
Ranch Metaphysics Workshop, Arizona (Carrie Jenkins)

21 March 2015
BIL Conference, Vancouver (Carrie Jenkins)

13 April 2015
Boston University (Carrie Jenkins)

6-9 January 2016
Eastern Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, Washington D.C. (Carrie Jenkins)

21 January 2016
UBC Philosophy Students Association, Vancouver (Carrie Jenkins)

18 February 2016
Texas A&M University (Carrie Jenkins)

25-27 May 2016
Faces of Disagreement Conference, Montreal (Carrie Jenkins)

2-3 June 2016
University of Leeds (Carrie Jenkins)

6-10 June 2016
Keynote address, Edinburgh Graduate Epistemology Conference (Carrie Jenkins)

5-6 December 2016
Project Workshop 1 (Carrie Jenkins, Ray Hsu, Jasper Heaton, and Jelena Markovic)

1 February 2017
What Love Is And What It Could Be Book Launch (Carrie Jenkins and Ray Hsu)

8 February 2017
Find Your Love, Vancouver (Carrie Jenkins)

9 February 2017
"Prof Talks," UBC, Vancouver (Carrie Jenkins)

11 February 2017
International Conference on the Future of Monogamy and Nonmonogamy
Society for Applied and Academic Research, UC Berkeley (distance presentation)

13 February 2017
Powell's City of Books, Portland (Carrie Jenkins)

14 February 2017
Seattle Town Hall (Carrie Jenkins)

February 28, 2017
Book Warehouse, Main Street, Vancouver (Carrie Jenkins)

7-9 April 2017
ConvergeCon Keynote Address (Carrie Jenkins)

12 April 2017
McNally Robinson, Winnipeg (Carrie Jenkins)

14 March 2017
Green College, UBC

17 March 2017
Faculty of Arts Pecha Kucha, UBC

21 May 2017
Knowledge Beyond Natural Science: Public Lecture, Stirling (Carrie Jenkins)

28-31 May 2017
Canadian Philosophical Association Annual Congress Panel on What Love Is (Carrie Jenkins and Jasper Heaton)

11 June 11 2017
BC Humanist Association (Carrie Jenkins)

7 July 2017
"This Is The Future of Dating," Fox Cabaret, Vancouver (Ray Hsu)

24 July 2017
Ada's Technical Books, Seattle (Carrie Jenkins)

21-30 August 2017
Antwerp Summer School in Philosophy and Society: The Right to be Loved (Carrie Jenkins)

6 October 2017 
Burnaby Public Library (Carrie Jenkins)

17 October 2017
Vancouver Writers Fest (Carrie Jenkins)

11 December 2017
Minorities And Philosophy (MAP) seminar on What Love Is, University of Leeds (Carrie Jenkins)

11 December 2017
"Is Feeling First? Distinguishing Phenomenal and Agential Love," University of Leeds (Carrie Jenkins)

12 January 2018
"Romantic Love: Injustice and Mystique," Queer U Conference: University of British Columbia (Jasper Heaton and Jelena Markovic)

19-21 January 2018
"Is Feeling First? Distinguishing Phenomenal and Agential Love," California Metaphysics Conference, University of Southern California (Carrie Jenkins)

16 March 2018
Public Lecture, University of Saskatchewan (Carrie Jenkins)

22 June 2018
"Don't Put A Picture of a Parrot on your Flag!" including a reading of "Before Aristophanes" from Symposium ReimaginedMemorial Conference for Josh Parsons, University of St Andrews (Carrie Jenkins)

August 2018
Reading group on Symposium Reimagined, University of Victoria (Jasper Heaton and Carrie Jenkins)

January 2019
Keynote Address, TRU PHP Conference, Thompson Rivers University (Carrie Jenkins)

February 2019
CEPPA Graduate Conference (Carrie Jenkins)

March 2019
Words on the Water: Campbell River Writers’ Festival (Carrie Jenkins)

April 2019
Keynote Address, Undergraduate Feminisms Conference, Douglas College (Carrie Jenkins)

June 2019
Summer of Theory, University of Victoria (Jasper Heaton, Carrie Jenkins, and Jelena Marokvic)


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